[TYPO3-50-general] Beer3, really a good solution?

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Wed Oct 22 12:22:59 CEST 2008


the templating engine makes people start thinking more about the
separation of logic and presentation.

If we had "php" we will inevitabily end up with having templates that
delete records, manipulate queries, and do other funky stuff that might
be "flexible" but that might not be manageable.

I think using a nice and structured (and limited!) templating engine is
a good step into educating people about that separation. You start
thinking more about your business logic and domain if you have a
templating engine that requires you to feed it with proper information
(instead of the template gathering and doing whatever it wants).


Falk Kühnel wrote: on 22.10.2008 11:25:

> May i ask a blunt question: Why not use php templates?
> They are more flexible and wether you write {$user.email} or
> <?=$user->getEmail()?> doesnt change much.
> Are there other reasons i cannot currently see, that make a template
> engine more useful than using php directly?
> Best regards
> Falk
> Fernando Arconada schrieb:
>> Beer3 is the next-generation templating engine for the FLOW3 and TYPO3
>> projects.
>> http://forge.typo3.org/wiki/package-beer3/Start
>> is Beer3 a good solution?
>> Sebastian Kurfürst and Bastian said that they had evaluated Smarty and
>> PHPtal and other and technically they have problems. But may be we
>> need to think not only about technical details. would be better a
>> philosophy similar to symfony? for example, smarty it is already a
>> good solution, with a huge amount of users and doc. May be smarty isnt
>> the best technically talking but could be the best for most of the
>> users (you must think that most of them already know it), also the
>> investment in smarty knowledge could be reused in other TYPO3 and
>> non-TYPO3 projects.
>> If I could reuse the knowledge that i made in TYPO3 (cause TYPO3 use
>> other known frameworks) then it is easy for my to invest in TYPO3
>> cause my investment it is protected
>> In my opinion:
>> Lets get beer (smarty, xtemplate ....) but not BEER3
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