[TYPO3-50-general] getting FLOW3CGL alive again

Irene Höppner irene.hoeppner at abezet.de
Sat Nov 29 16:38:55 CET 2008

Hi all,

I've been playing around a little with the FLOW3CGL-Package. The result 
until now is, that I get the default view where you can select a package.

What I did for that is (based on .../FLOW3CGL/branches/namespaces):
* some dirty thing with the configuration: hardcoded pathWorkspace and 
pathChecks instead of taking it from the configuration
* simply replaced "component" with "object" and "Component" with 
"Object" in all Files
* renamed 2 files replacing Component with Object
* replaced "objectFactory->getObject" with "objectManager->getObject"
* added $objectManager to F3::FLOW3CGL::Configuration

Next steps would be:
* check all occurencies of objectManager->getObject() and
	- change it to objectFactory->create() or
	- add $objectManager if needed
	- remove $objectFactory, if not needed anymore
* get the tests running (there seems to be some more stuff than the 

What has to be done also:
* put the stuff from Configuration/Packages.php somewhere else
* convert Settings.php to yaml

Now my question: am I on the right way and should I go on with this?



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