[TYPO3-50-general] Better coding standards

Ingo Renner ingo at typo3.org
Wed Nov 12 23:34:12 CET 2008

Stefano Kowalke wrote:


> The problem is, that there are no official Coding Guidelines for TYPO3 4.x.
> Dmitry post a inoffical CGL in his blog but this yet not accepted by the
> core devs. So we live in a kind of neverland. 

1. This is 4.x related and doesn't belong here.

2. You're wrong, there is an official CGL: 

As long as nothing new is posted on typo3.org, the one that is there is 
"the one".


Ingo Renner
TYPO3 Core Developer, Release Manager TYPO3 4.2

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