[TYPO3-50-general] An "AOP-Debugger" and a Bachelor Thesis

Holzmann Christian Christian.Holzmann at gugler.at
Wed May 28 11:05:03 CEST 2008

Hello Michael!

I dont know how much you are inside of AOP - maybe this
book may help you to get into AOP that belongs to Web Engineering.


I also bought it for my Master Thesis... there is a stunning amount of
spelling mistakes in there, but it's quite interresting.

Lg Chris

Am 23.01.2008 22:25 Uhr schrieb "Michael Feinbier" unter
<typo3 at feinbier.net> in
mailman.1.1201119904.12083.typo3-project-5_0-general at lists.netfielders.de:

> Hi there,
> I just want to say hello to everybody and introduce myself. I study
> applied computer sience and am nearly finished :)
> At the moment I`m writing on my bachelor thesis. After talking a little
> bit to Robert (thanks!) and reading stuff about AOP and the new
> TYPO3-Framework I decided to write my thesis about Aspectorientated
> Software-Development in general on the one hand and the AOP-Integration
> in the "framework-which-must-not-be-named3" on the other hand...
> The applied part of the thesis will be a (prototypical) implementation
> of an "AOP-Debugger" which is a kind of browser in which you can see the
>   class-hierachy and aspects joining/extending the classes and methods.
> I´m not yet quite sure, how the debugger/browser will look like, because
>   I just started working on this thesis a week ago. So if you have
> ideas, suggestions or something else - let me know :)
> Hope, it is okay to post this here just to tell you that I am working on
> that. Furhermore i´m quite sure, that I will post/read/work on this list
> and the new framework.
> I´m looking forward for a good time (even it will become stressful for
> me at the end of april ;-))
> see ya
> michael

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