[TYPO3-50-general] FLOW3 as an TYPO3 V4 Extension

Jochen Rau j.rau at web.de
Mon May 26 10:35:09 CEST 2008


as I started to integrate the Package Manager of FLOW3 in 
'EXT:gimmefive' (see 
http://forge.typo3.org/projects/show/extension-gimmefive) I realized 
that I'm on my way to backport almost the whole source code of FLOW3. 
That makes no sense. So I changed the strategy and altered gimmefive to 
be a bridge to the original source code of FLOW3. There are only a few 
things left to be done:

1) The class t3lib_cs in PHP6/Resources/PHP/class.t3lib_cs.php should be 
renamed (Issue #651).
2) There should be a convenient way to download stable snapshots of the 
packages FLOW3 and PHP6 as extensions for TYPO3 V4. What do you suggest?
3) Caching and Ressource Management is disabled until now but should be 
enabled. Do you expect any conflicts with TYPO3 V4?
4) The AOP Framework is not available until now. Should it be enabled 
for V4?

Comment on 2): Until now I checkout FLOW3 to the root of my web-server 
and make symbolic links to FLOW3 and PHP6 in typo3conf/ext/.


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