[TYPO3-50-general] Package Key Guidelines

Jochen Rau j.rau at web.de
Wed May 7 14:34:17 CEST 2008

Hi Malte,

> Ok, something like {5,256}
> All Package Keys with 4 or less characters must be allowed by the 
> association. Normally you will PackageKey with more characters.
> So basic and short PackageKeys can be used for the Core and used for 
> more general packages like "News" (tt_news).
> But this could be discussed in the next days ;)

Looking forward to meet you at the T3DD!

>>> Perhaps there should be an additional check for for some special 
>>> keywords like:
>>> * TYPO3
>>> * FLOW3
>>> * PHP
>> This will exclude a package key like "PHPUnit". We should't be too 
>> restrictive.
> I didn't want to disallow them. Just a check for Uppercase. Especially 
> words from TYPO3. Perhaps there are some more words.

Ok, I misunderstood your point. This code-sniff can also be done by RegEx.

>>> The package name should be UpperCamelCase (see CGL). But this is not 
>>> possible to check, due to abbreviations...
>> What do you mean with 'abbrevations'? Could you please give an example?
> -> abbreviation
> e.g. PHP or company names (e.g. DHL)
> Words like PHP might not be checkable.

"DHL" IMO is UpperCamelCase - it's just a weird camel ;-)

> So, see you tomorrow.

Have a nice trip to Elmshorn.


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