[TYPO3-50-general] Ideas about TYPO3 5.0

Christoph Blömer chbloemer at gmx.net
Mon Jul 14 17:42:00 CEST 2008


beside learning for my exams I thought about my favorite "nice to have" 
features in TYPO3 5.0.
So I will write them down here, in hope that they will be implemented or 
recognized by the dev team ;-)

1. It would be nice to have a option in a backend where i can create a 
new Datatyp. Every Option of this Datatyp is connected to a special kind 
of formfield.
So if i would create a new entry of this datatyp I would get a form with 
for example a calender, to select a Date.

2. If  this datatyp is created, it should be possible to connect several 
templates to this datatyp by file or by textarea. If this is done it 
should be possible to map the template in templavoila style or/and by 
predifined markers like in automaketemplate.
It would also be possible to replace the markes by dropdowns to select 
the property of the datatyp which should be rendered at that position.

3. It would be nice when predefined Datatyps like the "Header","Content 
with Image" are coming with typo3 as a preset of available datatyps. So 
it would possible to delete them or edit them the same way. So there are 
not different solutions like the normal content elements and flexible 
content elements. The connected templates could be chosen when inserting 
the content element.

4. A Frontentform generator: You should only a have the possible 
formfields which could be chosen for the datatyp. then you can just drag 
the form fields you want in the frontend to a  special  area  to build 
it.  Theres  no need to connect the fields to the form. It already done 
by defining the datatyp.

5. It would be nice to define the possible content elements for each 
content area on the website. Sometimes there are elements with a width 
of 400px and the right column is only 150px.

6. Defining the possible content elements which could be inserted by a 

7. A kind of color schema for the backend which could be changed. A nice 
feature I saw at the end of the demo on http://www.dabbledb.com/demo/ 
was the creation of a color schema by the colors which are in the logo. 
So just upload a logo and the whole backend color fits to your logo.

The rest of the features in this demo are also very nice.

8. A webdav connection to the new "fileadmin" so that i can upload all 
files through the browser and the files a versioned by the typo3cr.

Thats my 8 cent for the beginning.
So what is in your mind and what is already in the feature list of TYPO3 

Waiting for feedback. ;-)


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