[TYPO3-50-general] Nice layout

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at xetpoint.fi
Fri Dec 5 09:42:49 CET 2008

Xavier Perseguers kirjoitti:
> Hi,
>> In order to get nice layout, Typo3 would need tinyMCE as editor and 
>> the same tab style for the entire BE.
>> Htmlarea is really ugly - table etc. dialogs looks really horrible.

> Did I missed something or is TYPO3 v5 already running somewhere? This is 
> the mailing list of v5, not v4 and AFAIK the backend of this new version 
> of TYPO3 does not exist at all. 

but always Typo3 will need RTE regardless what is the basic structure

How could tinyMCE fit better there than any other editor?

I just compare with htmlarea now

* htmlarea has very ugly big dialogs - tinyMCE has smart and beautiful 
* build-in linkhandler
* excellent support of editor templates
* widerly supported in other CMS and maintained well

Maybe Typo3 5 will be changes so than none of existing editors don't 
work but I just would propose to use tinyMCE instead of htmlarea

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