[TYPO3-50-general] Demo from MVC Framework Reference

Sebastian qoo-ooq at gmx.de
Sat Aug 23 19:24:49 CEST 2008

Hey guys.

Shortly after the MVC Framework Text appereared in the Reference I 
followed it and tried the demo example. And it worked perfectly.

Now (several month later and with new Eclipse, new JRE, the new 
Php5.3alpha, etc. etc. oh and fresh svn repository download) I can't get 
to run the demo example that I just retyped.

Is it working for you ? Am I missing something, maybe I'm writing 
something wrong each try and the component isn't registered correctly or 
so ? Or was something changed in the Flow3 Framework, that I missed, 
that made the tutorial invalid since then ?
I did exactly as in the 
Hello World Demo Example but instead of a "Hello World!" I always get 
the "This is the default view of the FLOW3 MVC component. You see this 
[... and so on]" message

So in general I would just like to know if its me/my system 
configuration or some general updates, that make further tries for me 
senseless ?

If someone has working example code (a little bit more complex than the 
demo would be nice too)... it would be cool if you could send it to 
me... or a link....


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