[TYPO3-50-general] Problems with PHP5.3alpha on windows

Tim Eilers tim.eilers at web.de
Thu Aug 21 18:16:10 CEST 2008

Hi folks,

here is another recommendation for the windows users:

i recommend you to use the package provided here:
http://downloads.php.net/pierre/ and not the ones provided at
I had to setup my development enviroment again today and apache crashed
with the latest snapshot and it it didn't with that "pierre" package.

Finally one addition to the browscap tip: I disabled it by commenting
the line in the php.ini. I didn't really find out what it does until
now. But FLOW3 runs fine without it, so i don't waste my time with that.

unfortunately-back-at-home Timmy.

Tim Eilers schrieb:
> Hi Christoph,
> i had the same problems. PHP 5.3 under Windows seems to interpret the
> php.ini in a different way. There are escaping issues. I also had
> problems with the session save path.
> So do this (written down head notices, so nothing is garantued):
> - Take the php.ini out of <xampp-folder>\apache\bin and edit it
> - session.save_path -> single quotes instead of double quotes
> - extension_dir -> change to where you php5.3 extracted to (subfolder
> ext) and remove the trailing slash or change to single quotes
> - restart apache
> I also had problems with the browscap.ini (whatever it is), just correct
> what is issued and then you are fine.
> With these changes it now runs fine.
> Cheers,
> will-in-a-minute-jump-into-the-pool Timmy.
> Christoph Blömer schrieb:
>> Hallo,
>> ich habe es genau nach deiner Anleitung versucht. Neues xampp und
>> php5.3 runtergeladen.
>> Erhalte aber jetzt folgende Meldung:
>> FLOW3 requires the PHP extension "mbstring" for PHP versions below
>> 6.0.0 (Error #1207148809)
>> php5.3 alpha2-dev wird aber angezeigt.
>> und die extension mbstring ist auch in der php.ini auskommentiert.
>> Vielleicht kann mir da ja jemand helfen.
>> Gruß
>> Christoph
>> Malte Jansen schrieb:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> here is small manual for running PHP5.3 with Xampp on windows.
>>> - Extract the Xampp-binaries to a folder e.g. "[Harddrive]\xampp"
>>> - Download latest binaries of PHP5.3 for windows (http://snaps.php.net/)
>>> - Extract the PHP-binaries to a folder e.g.
>>> "[Harddrive]\xampp\php53alpha\"
>>> - _Copy_ all DLLs to "\xampp\apache\bin\"
>>> - File "[Harddrive]\xampp\apache\conf\extras\httpd-xampp.conf"
>>>    Change path of "LoadModule php5_module" to
>>> "[Harddrive]/xampp/php53alpha/php5apache2_2.dll""
>>> Re-/Start Apache and it should work...
>>> Of course you can change the path to your htdocs-folder.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Malte

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