[TYPO3-50-general] TypoScript 2.0 syntax

David Bruehlmeier typo3 at bruehlmeier.com
Thu May 24 22:03:06 CEST 2007

Hi Robert,

thanks for this great work. Here's my feedback:

The name
- Just wondering: Why did you chose to stick to the name TypoScript 
after all?

Chapter 2.2
- Why are both single- and double quotes allowed?

- The concept of a "variable" is only introduced later on, so this was 
confusing to me when I read this passage. Maybe a reference to chapter 
2.10 would be helpful.

- The example states an HTML-object. Maybe this example is a bit 
unfortunate, because just few sentences above, all uppercase is declared 
for constants, now HTML is used as an object. According to the coding 
guidlines, this naming might be ok, but to avoid confusion, another 
object like Text might be a better choice. BTW: the guidelines only 
state that abbreviations _embedded_ in names should be kept uppercase. 
What about this case, where the whole name is an abbreviation? HTML or Html?

Chapter 2.8
- What is the motivation of allowing just one slash to be a comment? I 
think that's quite unusual.

Chapter 2.10
- Small typo: "which combines the these" ("the" is obsolete)
- I think the concept of variables is useful, but it was a bit confusing 
at first sight. E.g. the fact that only TypoScript Contenct Objects can 
be concatenated as a string added to this confusion. How about if each 
TypoScript Class was required to implement a certain interface, and this 
interface has a toString() function (like in Java)? This way, any 
TypoScript object could be turned into a string and could therefore also 
be concatenated.

Chapter 2.12
- Small type (near the end): "variables as arguements"
- I like the concept of "processors". I think this is a big step ahead 
and much simpler than stdWrap...!

Chapter 2.13
- I also like the concept of namespaces. Do I understand this right: 
Every TypoScrip object of a component other than the CMS component can 
only be used with namespaces? So the example in chapter 2.3 would 
actually read like this?

namespace: party = T3P_Party_TypoScript
somePerson = party:Person
somePerson.firstName = "John"
somePerson.lastName = "Doe"
somePerson.address.street = "Rigensgade"
somePerson.address.city = "København"

I think one of the weak points of the current TypoScript is the fact 
that it cannot be validated. By validation I do not only mean syntax 
checking but also making sure that the code is meaningful, e.g. only 
known objects can be used, the arguments of processors are checked, the 
attributes of objects are checked, etc. Are there already ideas about 
how to do this in 5.0? Might it make sense to somehow have a 
"declaration" of TypoScript objects against which can be checked?


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