[TYPO3-50-general] The Testing package

Andreas Förthner Andreas.Foerthner at netlogix.de
Mon May 21 23:36:48 CEST 2007

Hi Robert,

Robert Lemke schrieb:
> Hi Andreas,
> Am 21.05.2007 um 17:37 schrieb Andreas Förthner:
>> at the moment I'm playing a bit arround with a new testrunner
>> implementation. There two basic questions appeared:
>> 1. Where has the docu gone? I'm missing the whole part about the AOP and
>> the other Framework stuff. It would be really great to have it available
>> to see what I can use of it. Or am I just too blind to see, but the
>> guide to TYPO3 seems to be a bit small at the moment? ;-)
> Well, technically it's there, but structurally it's not. This is because 
> I was restructuring "The Guide" today and was interrupted and only 
> returned at home a minute ago. Tomorrow I'll fix it again ...

ok, great. I just thought something like that. No sweat. :-)

>> 2. Why is there a different package for PHPUnit? Wouldn't it make sense
>> to add the PHPUnit classes in an resources folder in the Testing
>> package? Or are there any reasons against this? If not I will change
>> that in my development and add it to the Testing package.
> The reason is to decouple both: the package "PHPUnit" only contains 
> PHPUnit. In case any other developer would like to create his own test 
> runner or needs whatever functionality from PHPUnit he can refer to that 
> package but doesn't need the "TestPackage". A second reason is that the 
> version number of the PHPUnit package will always be the same as the 
> PHPUnit version number.
> So, please keep it that way unless you have a strong reason to change 
> it. Technically your test runner is only using / exending the PHPUnit 
> package.

ok this makes sense. I will keep it as is ;-)

Greets Andi

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