[TYPO3-50-general] TypoScript 2.0 framework

Martin Ficzel martin.ficzel at gmx.de
Mon May 7 09:38:24 CEST 2007

Martin Kutschker schrieb:
> Robert Lemke schrieb:
>> Well, I don't think that TypoScript can be defined (or implemented) as
>> a framework. It is a specific feature, not a container for components
>> and therefore can rather be specified as a component itself (as in
>> software componentry).
> Maybe framework is not the right term for it. Maybe you want to name it
> "library" or "base package". Or how would you handle the three
> differenent TYPO3 "flavours" of TS right now ("proper" TS, page TS and
> user TS).

I think that in future typoscript could be handled as an object and
property notation language. Wich is quite similar to the XAML aproach of

given that a classic ts-snippet like this

> page = PAGE 
> page.doctype = xhtml_strict 
> page.10 = COA  
> page.10 ....

this ts could also be written in xml-notation like this

> <page doctype="xhtml_strict">
> 	<children>
> 		<COA index="10" >
> 			....
> 		</COA>
> 	</children>
> </page>

during parsing this can be mapped on this php - class

> class PAGE {
> 	var doctype:String;
> 	var children:Array;
> 	public function main () {
> 		// ... render content ...
> 	}
> }

the advantages i see is that ts can have an xml and a classic notation.
the error checking could be done by simply validating against dtd's for
the single elements.

i'm not shure weather your concepts are already including such options
but think its important for the future to create a clear object oriented
way of ts-parsing. the methods of parsing the ts code and mapping it to
an object tree can ofcourse be seperated and reused for other projects.

regards Martin

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