[TYPO3-50-general] Typo Wiki CSS overhaul

Denyer Ec denyerec at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 18:39:24 CEST 2007

I have done a little local testing.

It is possible with the Trac markup already in place to emulate the
current .org site exactly, with a fixed 1000px width and grey gradient
on the right hand side.

This however causes some "bunching" on the trac ticketing pages, so it
will be  a tough call.

All the wiki pages are dumped into a div called "wikipage" so there is
no problem with width-restricting these at all, though you won't have
the grey gradient on the right, that will only come with a site-wide
width setup.

If you keep your eyes on the Wikipage, next update I will upload 3 CSS
files. One with fluid width on all pages as we have it now, one with
locked wikipages and one with locked site width. If you feel suitably
motivated to do so you can use Firefox to override the main site
stylesheet with one of these alternatives to have a look at how they


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