[TYPO3-50-general] t3 <-> eZ Components

Thomas Koch thkoch at ruhrgebietswiki.de
Mon Feb 26 15:40:56 CET 2007


Thomas Koch from Essen, Germany. I've just found your Typo3-5.0. project.

I'm working on a PHP5 rewrite of eGroupWare[1] on top of the eZ
Components[2]. I'd like to ask you, if you've already investigated eZ
Components. They also work on a rewrite of their PHP4 eZ Publish CMS and do
have mainly the same general goals as you have.[3] (UnitTest, Clean API,

Every big PHP4 project has to work on migrating to PHP5 and object
orientation right now. It would be fantastic, if it wouldn't be necessary
to invent the wheel again for every project.

I'm continuing now my investigation on Typo3-5.0 to see, what I can learn
and reuse from you. I'd be happy, if you'd help me on the trip, ask me
about eZ Components and maybe let me write a wiki page about differences
and similarities between typo3-5 and ezc.


Thomas Koch

[1] http://www.egroupware.org
[2] http://ez.no/ezcomponents
[3] ezc guidelines: http://svn.ez.no/svn/ezcomponents/docs/guidelines/

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