[TYPO3-50-general] [TYPO3-ect] AJAX mID/ the naming

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Tue Feb 13 16:15:24 CET 2007

Hi folks (5.0 list in copy),

Am 12.02.2007 um 19:12 schrieb Elmar Hinz:

> for me self-explaining namings count more than short names. We
> don't live in the 70's any more. We have enough space and we have  
> editors
> that can autoexpand the names. (Eclipse, VIM, Emacs, etc.) It also  
> saves
> us a lot of documentation work.
> Please also so see the coding guidelines for V5.

Good point ... we'll also need such a parameter / handler for 5.0 of  
course so why not agree on a common concept from the beginning ...  
However, there is one difference to the 4.x branch: We don't  
distinguish between frontend end backend as the backend practically  
is a frontend.

The rough idea for 5.0 is to have one object which is responsible for  
handling the request and one for the response). Then you can add  
request and response pre- and postprocessors. The default response  
object would of course be the currently installed and activated  
(frontend-) renderer.

Let's say we have a parameter which can switch to a different request  
object (eg. "requesthandler=t3p_ajax_ajaxdispatcher" or  
"requesthandler=t3p_soap_soapdispatcher"). There could be generic  
handlers (dispatchers) for Ajax, SOAP etc. which are configurable and  
of course you can use your own request handler (eg.  

The whole messaging topic is quite complex but we don't have to go  
all the way yet (features like dispatchers, message queues etc. can  
be implemented later). For the beginning it's enough to agree on a  
parameter and maybe it doesn't neccessarily have to be the same in  
4.x and 5.x - of course that would be nice.

Anyway, sorry if I impolitely interrupted your discussion ;-) I only  
wanted to throw in that we'll need that in 5.0 as well and have no  
idea for a name or detailled concept yet ...


PS: In case you wonder what that "t3p_*" means: that's more or less  
the equavilant to "tx_" and means "TYPO3 package"

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