[TYPO3-50-general] Happy Birthday Plone 3.0

Elmar Hinz elmar07 at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 22 10:50:19 CEST 2007


TYPO3 v5 will be in competition with other CMS. Yesterday a mayor release of
Plone has been published, Plone 3.0.

A quick google hitlist first: http://www.google.com/

 3,700,000 for DotNetNuke
 9,150,000 for typo3
 9,810,000 for phpnuke
10,400,000 for postnuke
23,200,000 for xoops
24,400,000 for plone
26,500,000 for drupal
47,500,000 for joomla

According to this measurement plone already has an important part of the
market, which surely will grow with a fresh mayor release. Most of the new
features are already known from T3, but there are also new aspects. It's
worth to take a look at. 


While all others I listened above are more or less clones of the boring nuke
boxes system, plone is IMHO the only competitor that currently plays in a
similar technological category like TYPO3. In some aspects DotNetNuke is
ahead of all. 

All this is a current snapshot and a lot will happen ... :-)



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