[TYPO3-50-general] Thoughts on UML tools for TYPO3 V5

Joerg Schoppet joerg at schoppet.de
Mon Oct 30 10:21:55 CET 2006

Dan Frost wrote:
> First, criticize it! We need to work out how it will really work.
> Then we need to define it in more detail - what the the command line API
> really do?
> I guess we then need to take it to some of the V5 teams and get their
> input as they'll be the people using it.
> dan
>> This is great. How can we help to evangelize this idea...
>> Olivier

this sounds very interesting.

Here are just some thoughts:
Actually I use argoUML [1] for the design of an T3-Extension, DBDesigner 
[2] for the SQL-work and at least Eclipse [3] for the general coding, 
phpDocumentor [4] for the api-documentation and phpUnit [5] for 
Actually I use argoEclipse [6], because of its integration in Eclipse.

A possibility to reduce the amount of different software, or to 
integrate the different software-development tools with "some" scripts 
would be very powerfull for serious development.

Some time ago I also tried to change the argoUML-PHP generator, to 
create more "TYPO3-like" classes, but ... (I'm a php-programmer not a 

The last thing I want to mention ist, that such a "all-in-one device 
suitable for every purpose" (german: eierlegende wollmilchsau), which 
integrates e.g uml-modelling, php-code-generation, testcase-generation, 
api-generation and perhaps SQL-generation would not only help TYPO3, but 
also a lot of other people in the php-world.

I would appriciate to assist in this development.

Kind Regards

Joerg Schoppet

P.S.: Please have in mind the other teams of the TYPO3-5-devs. e.g. Testing

[1] http://argouml.tigris.org/
[2] http://www.fabforce.net/dbdesigner4/
[3] http://www.eclipse.org/
[4] http://pear.php.net/package/PhpDocumentor
[5] http://phpunit.de/
[6] http://argoeclipse.tigris.org/

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