[TYPO3-50-general] [TYPO3-5.0] Team Testing and Benchmark

Sven Wilhelm wilhelm at moduleBox.com
Fri Oct 13 00:38:41 CEST 2006

> You can of course do this, but there will be a dedicated development 
> server up and running within days, where virtual machines based on 
> VMware server can be set up as needed. Consider this, before wasting 
> resources. :)
Nice. For the core-5.0 stuff ok.
Which OS?

I have packaged and used phing,creole,propel for Ubuntu.
Ok, as the head prefers the way of JSR-170, creole and propel aren't
necessary. But Phing is a package of need for automation.

In anyway I will have a separate Server for another style of content
repository, the extended creole/propel way, where the base automation
I posted Ronny Unger a package of that.
Online at http://modulebox.com/fileadmin/core-50.zip

My current research/work:
-> defining basic datatypes and automatic generation of classes
   for validation,... (hidden from this zip)
-> setting a layer on top of propel for defining a general object
   with strong datatypes as schema definition (basic work in progress)
-> extend the build process to generate basic controllers, views,
   document stuff (xhtml files,...) for (on base of schema definition)
   defined objects
-> refactor components (propel, extended work) to a to be defined
   component concept
-> basic implemention of an ioc container

Testing and benchmarking depends on

-> directory layout (no posted)
-> more conventions on naming (not done yet)

Also very depending on the style of development. For the draft of my
core-50 I move to a Model Driven Architecture Style, means automation as
much as possible.

That was my initial question of how many developers are present for
core-50 developing :)

Good night and kind regards Sven

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