[TYPO3-50-general] Lighttpd as "standard"

Johannes Reichardt typo3 at gramba.de
Tue Nov 14 18:27:26 CET 2006

Hi Masi,
> Ok, fine but what has it to do with the webserver? What you're asking for 
> is means to store and retrieve data from some "cache service". This could 
> be provided by a TYPO3 API. If the API is clean enough you may write an 
> extension that uses any APIs that lighttpd may offer.
It has not to do so much with the webserver despite the fact that truly 
static content served by the server is more than 10 times faster than
a return file_get_contents('foo.html') for example. I find these numbers 
interesting enough to take that into consideration of caching in general.

Such an cache API would make sense in the core and therefore should be 
well thought of early i think  In 5 years or so only very few CMS driven 
sites will not have an user area.

I hope i can contribute some code ideas within the next weeks - 
generally that should be not so complicated i guess.

- Johannes

> Masi
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