[TYPO3-50-general] Lighttpd as "standard"

Johannes Reichardt typo3 at gramba.de
Tue Nov 14 16:32:59 CET 2006

Hi Michael,
> I have used lighttpd for the last year or so, but switched back to 
> apache2+fcgid recently because it was just as fast (with mpm_worker) and 
> more stable. Lighttpd did leak a lot of memory, plus I had random 
> outages with Error 500 when the site was busy.
Did you have those issues with the current releases as well i guess? If 
so that would be bad and a good reason to *not* use it ;)
I have not proven it under very heavy circumstances yet but it worked 
well and superfast for me.

Btw: 1.5 pre-release is just out with up to 80% more performance on 
static files due to new asynchronius IO.

Are there any thoughts i have not read yet on deeper levels of caching 
in phoenix?

- Johannes

> Greetings,
> Michael
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