[TYPO3-50-general] directory layout

Sven Wilhelm wilhelm at moduleBox.com
Fri Nov 10 18:44:06 CET 2006


back after a very busy time.

For security and performance reasons, the following things should be

a) move the core-50 libraries out of the documentroot only make the
   dispatcher class available by rewriting the request, so no php file
   is directly accessible!
b) avoid symlinks, beside security aspects it's more os independent
   resolve library or package pools by declaring them in the
   configuration file, example:

   package_pool: /path/to/core-50
   package_pool: /path/to/additional_distributed_packages

   and by default the instance package_pool by default

   this style is used in zope and has a very big advantage.
c) be able to use dedicated light servers for delivering static content
   (apache is a monster in many default configurations)

as solution I see two ways:

I)  simple package delivering to the target package_pool
II) make the package delivering more intelligent by using distribution
    knowledge of the major OS (dpkg like)
    means: each package knows the files that it contains and register
    them to a registry (only to avoid duplicate resources or

with an intelligent package manager you are not limited to the "all in
one directory layout".


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