[TYPO3-50-general] UTF-16

Martin Kutschker Martin.Kutschker at n0spam-blackbox.net
Fri Nov 10 09:26:23 CET 2006

Robert Lemke schrieb:
> As we were told these conversions can really hit performance, so why not 
> avoid them? I don't see any drawback in storing the data as UTF-16 in 
> the database or XML files. Or is space really an issue?

After some thinking I think that space does matter in the DB 
performancewise. The larger the data in the rows the larger the buffers for 
joining and sorting must be.

Yes, the machines get more and more RAM but still I don't like it when 
rsources are thrown away just because it is "easier". * There are many good 
reasons why some overhead is more worth to get clean and maintanable code, 
but I still reckon having an eye on resource consumption a good thing.


* eg <rant>Current DBAL uses 4-bytes ints for all fields even when the 
Mysql definition has a tinyint, etc</rant>

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