[TYPO3-50-general] 5.0: TYPO3 is now final - a progress report from Robert and me

Christian Welzel gawain at camlann.de
Thu Nov 9 21:15:20 CET 2006

Sebastian Kurfuerst wrote:

> do you mean the Java-Bridge code at the moment, or do you mean a php
> based implementation of the CR? I think the latter will come later...

i meant a php based implementation...
but if other things are needed first tell me.

> I will have you added to the mailing list, and give you SVN account
> etc. afterwards :-) This might need 2-3 days.

Its short before weekend... so don't hasten! :)

> Welcome to the team!

Thx a lot.

 MfG, Christian Welzel

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