[TYPO3-50-general] UTF-16

Patrick Gaumond patrick at typo3quebec.org
Thu Nov 9 15:04:52 CET 2006

Robert Lemke wrote:

> Today PHP5 is about 2 years old so I think there is really no argument 
> for not using PHP5 and still develop for PHP4. I assume that the same 
> will be true in two years from now for PHP5 and PHP6.
> We have the same people in mind who are using TYPO3 currently so I don't 
> think we exclude someone by these requirements.

Suppose that TYPO3 4.5 is release next summer with a conditional 
PHP5-only (it will not but it's for the discussion); I can tell you that 
  half the people on shared hosts would panic because their 
10Euros/month hoster is still at PHP4...

So right now the people you have in mind might not be the one you think 
they are.  ;)

And just for the record, I'm not using any hoster, I'm not complaining. 
I just want to be able to tell people what to expect in the future.

And yes, I've already heard/read twice the following question: "Should I 
wait for TYPO3 version 5.0 before I begin coding my next extension?".

Sad but true.



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