[TYPO3-50-general] File name conventions for classes and interfaces

Ingo Renner typo3 at ingo-renner.com
Tue Dec 12 03:33:35 CET 2006

Ingo Renner wrote:

> T3P_MyPackage_IGreeter (interface)
> T3P_MyPackage_Greeter (general implementation of a greeter class)
> T3P_MyPackage_HelloWorldGreeter  (extended Greeter class)
> T3P_MyPackage_GreeterException (a greeter class extending the general 
> exception class)

another thing just came to my mind:

T3P_MyPackage_AbstractGreeter (abstract class)

makes sense as they can't get instantiated and thus have a significant 
difference to regular classes that you might want to know before even 
trying to instantiate such a class ...


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