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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
Flow TYPO3 Flow mailing list
FLOW3-announce FLOW3 Announcement List, readonly
FLOW3-team-core FLOW3 core team
FLOW3-test FLOW3 Test list
Flow3-ug-koeln [no description available]
FLOW3-UG-Muenchen FLOW3 Usergroup Muenchen (Germany)
FLOW3-UG-Northern-Germany FLOW3 Usergroup Northern Germany
FLOW3-UG-Rhein-Main FLOW3 Usergroup Rhein-Main (Germany)
FLOW3-UG-Stuttgart FLOW3 Usergroup Stuttgart (Germany)
Neos TYPO3 Neos mailing list
T3board TYPO3 Snowboard Tour
T3dd TYPO3 Developer Days
Tycon3 TYPO3 Conference Information and Discussion
TYPO3-about General discussion list about TYPO3 (non-technical)
TYPO3-allgaeu TYPO3 Usergroup Allgaeu
TYPO3-announce TYPO3 Announcement List, readonly
TYPO3-asia TYPO3 in Asia
TYPO3-at TYPO3 Usergroup Oesterreich
TYPO3-berlin TYPO3 Usergroup Berlin
TYPO3-campus-certificationpreparation Preparation for the TYPO3 certification
TYPO3-ch TYPO3 Usergroup Schweiz
TYPO3-debian TYPO3 Installation on Debian
TYPO3-dev List for Core-/Extension development
TYPO3-english TYPO3 English
TYPO3-france TYPO3 Usergroup France
TYPO3-Frankfurt TYPO3 Usergroup Frankfurt
TYPO3-german German TYPO3 Userlist
TYPO3-gsoc TYPO3 and Google Summer of Code
TYPO3-hamburg TYPO3 Usergroup Hamburg (archived)
TYPO3-hannover TYPO3 Usergroup Hannover
TYPO3-install TYPO3 install list
TYPO3-jobs [no description available]
TYPO3-linux TYPO3 Installation on Linux and other Unices
TYPO3-magdeburg TYPO3 Usergroup Magdeburg
TYPO3-marketing TYPO3 Marketing
TYPO3-muenchen TYPO3 Usergroup München
TYPO3-nrw TYPO3 Usergroup NRW
TYPO3-performance TYPO3 performance tuning
TYPO3-project-4-3 General discussion about TYPO3 4.3 development (deprecated)
TYPO3-project-ble TYPO3 BLE project
TYPO3-project-calendar TYPO3 Calendar extension project
TYPO3-project-caretaker Discussion about the centralized TYPO3 monitoring system
TYPO3-project-civserv TYPO3 Virtual Civil Services extension Project
TYPO3-project-commerce TYPO3 commerce extension project
TYPO3-project-community TYPO3 community extensions
TYPO3-project-content-rendering TYPO3 content rendering list
TYPO3-project-dam TYPO3 DAM project
TYPO3-project-documentation TYPO3 Documentation project
TYPO3-project-extbase-kickstarter TYPO3 Extbase kickstarter project
TYPO3-project-formidable TYPO3 project list for the FORMidable extension
TYPO3-project-gomobile Discussion about the Go Mobile initiative
TYPO3-project-introduction-package TYPO3 Introduction Package
TYPO3-project-irre TYPO3 project list for "Inline Relational Record Editing" Core Feature
TYPO3-project-kickstarter TYPO3 kickstarter extension project
TYPO3-project-l10nmgr [no description available]
TYPO3-project-media TYPO3 Media project
TYPO3-project-news TYPO3 project list for the "news" extension
TYPO3-project-obts TYPO3 Object Typoscript project
TYPO3-project-paymentlib TYPO3 paymentlib extension and related projects
TYPO3-project-piwik Mailing list for piwik integration into TYPO3
TYPO3-project-realty [no description available]
TYPO3-project-remotesurvey TYPO3 "remotesurvey" extension
TYPO3-project-rte TYPO3 RTE project
TYPO3-project-seminars TYPO3 project list for the "seminars" extension
TYPO3-project-solr Apache Solr search for TYPO3 project
TYPO3-project-templavoila TYPO3 Templavoila project
TYPO3-project-timtab TYPO3 Timtab (Blog extension) project
TYPO3-project-tt-news TYPO3 tt_news project
TYPO3-project-tt-products TYPO3 Shop extension project
TYPO3-project-typo3v4mvc TYPO3 v4 MVC project
TYPO3-project-user-registration Discussion about user registration extensions
TYPO3-project-v4 General discussion about TYPO3 version 4 development
TYPO3-project-videos TYPO3 Videos project
TYPO3-project-waf Web Application Firewall for TYPO3
TYPO3-project-workflow TYPO3 Workflow Project
TYPO3-russia TYPO3 Usergroup Russia
TYPO3-sponsoring Information and discussions about sponsoring TYPO3 projects
TYPO3-stuttgart TYPO3 Usergroup Stuttgart
TYPO3-t3uxw TYPO3 User Experience Weeks
TYPO3-team-bugs TYPO3 bugtracker team
TYPO3-team-commerce TYPO3 commerce development team
TYPO3-team-core TYPO3 core team
TYPO3-team-core-v5 TYPO3 v5 Core Team
TYPO3-team-dam DAM Development Team
TYPO3-team-editorial TYPO3 Editorial Team
TYPO3-team-edu TYPO3 edu team
TYPO3-team-education TYPO3 education team
TYPO3-team-evangelists TYPO3 Evangelist Team List, readonly
TYPO3-team-extbase TYPO3 Extbase team
TYPO3-team-extension-coordination TYPO3 extension coordination team
TYPO3-team-extrev TYPO3 extension review team
TYPO3-team-hci TYPO3 human computer interaction team
TYPO3-team-semantic TYPO3 Semantic Team
TYPO3-team-t3skin TYPO3 t3skin development team
TYPO3-team-templavoila Templavoila Development Team
TYPO3-team-ter TYPO3 TER Team
TYPO3-team-typo3org team
TYPO3-team-workspace TYPO3 Workspace enhancements team
TYPO3-test TYPO3 Test list
TYPO3-translation-french TYPO3 French translation team
TYPO3-translation-german TYPO3 German translation team
TYPO3-translators TYPO3 translation team
TYPO3-UG-Australia TYPO3 Usergroup Australia
TYPO3-UG-Bodensee TYPO3 Usergroup Bodensee
TYPO3-UG-Bremen TYPO3 Usergroup Bremen
TYPO3-UG-Cambodia TYPO3 Usergroup Cambodia
TYPO3-UG-Clausthal TYPO3 Usergroup Clausthal
TYPO3-UG-CZ [no description available]
TYPO3-UG-Darmstadt TYPO3 Usergroup Darmstadt
TYPO3-UG-Denmark TYPO3 Usergroup Denmark
TYPO3-UG-Dresden TYPO3 Usergroup Dresden
TYPO3-UG-Dutch TYPO3 Usergroup Dutch
TYPO3-UG-Freiburg TYPO3 Usergroup Freiburg
TYPO3-UG-Hungary TYPO3 Usergroup Hungary
TYPO3-UG-India TYPO3 Usergroup India
TYPO3-UG-Italy TYPO3 Usergroup Italy
TYPO3-UG-Japan [no description available]
TYPO3-UG-Karlsruhe [no description available]
TYPO3-UG-Kassel TYPO3 Usergroup Kassel
TYPO3-UG-Koeln TYPO3 Usergroup Koeln
TYPO3-UG-Muenster TYPO3-UG-Muenster
TYPO3-UG-Niederrhein TYPO3 Usergroup Niederrhein
TYPO3-UG-Norway TYPO3 Usergroup Norway
TYPO3-UG-Nuernberg TYPO3 Usergroup Nuernberg
TYPO3-UG-Osnabrueck TYPO3 Usergroup Osnabrueck
TYPO3-UG-Portugal TYPO3 Usergroup Portugal
TYPO3-UG-Quebec TYPO3 Usergroup Quebec
TYPO3-UG-Rhein-Neckar TYPO3 Usergroup Rhein-Neckar
TYPO3-UG-Romania TYPO3 Usergroup Romania
TYPO3-UG-Schleswig-Holstein TYPO3 Usergroup Schleswig-Holstein
TYPO3-UG-SK [no description available]
TYPO3-UG-Slovenia TYPO3 UG Slovenia
TYPO3-UG-Spain TYPO3 Usergroup Spain
TYPO3-UG-Thailand TYPO3 Usergroup Thailand
TYPO3-UG-Tunisia TYPO3 Usergroup Tunisia
TYPO3-UG-Turkey TYPO3 Usergroup Turkey
TYPO3-UG-Universities-DE TYPO3 Usergroup German Universities
TYPO3-UG-US TYPO3 Usergroup America
TYPO3-uk TYPO3 Usergroup UK
TYPO3-windows TYPO3 Installation on Windows

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