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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Flow TYPO3 Flow mailing list
FLOW3-announce FLOW3 Announcement List, readonly
FLOW3-team-core FLOW3 core team
FLOW3-test FLOW3 Test list
Flow3-ug-koeln [no description available]
FLOW3-UG-Muenchen FLOW3 Usergroup Muenchen (Germany)
FLOW3-UG-Northern-Germany FLOW3 Usergroup Northern Germany
FLOW3-UG-Rhein-Main FLOW3 Usergroup Rhein-Main (Germany)
FLOW3-UG-Stuttgart FLOW3 Usergroup Stuttgart (Germany)
Neos TYPO3 Neos mailing list
T3board TYPO3 Snowboard Tour
T3dd TYPO3 Developer Days
Tycon3 TYPO3 Conference Information and Discussion
TYPO3-about General discussion list about TYPO3 (non-technical)
TYPO3-allgaeu TYPO3 Usergroup Allgaeu
TYPO3-announce TYPO3 Announcement List, readonly
TYPO3-asia TYPO3 in Asia
TYPO3-at TYPO3 Usergroup Oesterreich
TYPO3-berlin TYPO3 Usergroup Berlin
TYPO3-campus-certificationpreparation Preparation for the TYPO3 certification
TYPO3-ch TYPO3 Usergroup Schweiz
TYPO3-debian TYPO3 Installation on Debian
TYPO3-dev List for Core-/Extension development
TYPO3-english TYPO3 English
TYPO3-france TYPO3 Usergroup France
TYPO3-Frankfurt TYPO3 Usergroup Frankfurt
TYPO3-german German TYPO3 Userlist
TYPO3-gsoc TYPO3 and Google Summer of Code
TYPO3-hamburg TYPO3 Usergroup Hamburg (archived)
TYPO3-hannover TYPO3 Usergroup Hannover
TYPO3-install TYPO3 install list
TYPO3-jobs [no description available]
TYPO3-linux TYPO3 Installation on Linux and other Unices
TYPO3-magdeburg TYPO3 Usergroup Magdeburg
TYPO3-marketing TYPO3 Marketing
TYPO3-muenchen TYPO3 Usergroup München
TYPO3-nrw TYPO3 Usergroup NRW
TYPO3-performance TYPO3 performance tuning
TYPO3-project-4-3 General discussion about TYPO3 4.3 development (deprecated)
TYPO3-project-ble TYPO3 BLE project
TYPO3-project-calendar TYPO3 Calendar extension project
TYPO3-project-caretaker Discussion about the centralized TYPO3 monitoring system
TYPO3-project-civserv TYPO3 Virtual Civil Services extension Project
TYPO3-project-commerce TYPO3 commerce extension project
TYPO3-project-community TYPO3 community extensions
TYPO3-project-content-rendering TYPO3 content rendering list
TYPO3-project-dam TYPO3 DAM project
TYPO3-project-documentation TYPO3 Documentation project
TYPO3-project-extbase-kickstarter TYPO3 Extbase kickstarter project
TYPO3-project-formidable TYPO3 project list for the FORMidable extension
TYPO3-project-gomobile Discussion about the Go Mobile initiative
TYPO3-project-introduction-package TYPO3 Introduction Package
TYPO3-project-irre TYPO3 project list for "Inline Relational Record Editing" Core Feature
TYPO3-project-kickstarter TYPO3 kickstarter extension project
TYPO3-project-l10nmgr [no description available]
TYPO3-project-media TYPO3 Media project
TYPO3-project-news TYPO3 project list for the "news" extension
TYPO3-project-obts TYPO3 Object Typoscript project
TYPO3-project-paymentlib TYPO3 paymentlib extension and related projects
TYPO3-project-piwik Mailing list for piwik integration into TYPO3
TYPO3-project-realty [no description available]
TYPO3-project-remotesurvey TYPO3 "remotesurvey" extension
TYPO3-project-rte TYPO3 RTE project
TYPO3-project-seminars TYPO3 project list for the "seminars" extension
TYPO3-project-solr Apache Solr search for TYPO3 project
TYPO3-project-templavoila TYPO3 Templavoila project
TYPO3-project-timtab TYPO3 Timtab (Blog extension) project
TYPO3-project-tt-news TYPO3 tt_news project
TYPO3-project-tt-products TYPO3 Shop extension project
TYPO3-project-typo3v4mvc TYPO3 v4 MVC project
TYPO3-project-user-registration Discussion about user registration extensions
TYPO3-project-v4 General discussion about TYPO3 version 4 development
TYPO3-project-videos TYPO3 Videos project
TYPO3-project-waf Web Application Firewall for TYPO3
TYPO3-project-workflow TYPO3 Workflow Project
TYPO3-russia TYPO3 Usergroup Russia
TYPO3-sponsoring Information and discussions about sponsoring TYPO3 projects
TYPO3-stuttgart TYPO3 Usergroup Stuttgart
TYPO3-t3uxw TYPO3 User Experience Weeks
TYPO3-team-bugs TYPO3 bugtracker team
TYPO3-team-commerce TYPO3 commerce development team
TYPO3-team-core TYPO3 core team
TYPO3-team-core-v5 TYPO3 v5 Core Team
TYPO3-team-dam DAM Development Team
TYPO3-team-editorial TYPO3 Editorial Team
TYPO3-team-edu TYPO3 edu team
TYPO3-team-education TYPO3 education team
TYPO3-team-evangelists TYPO3 Evangelist Team List, readonly
TYPO3-team-extbase TYPO3 Extbase team
TYPO3-team-extension-coordination TYPO3 extension coordination team
TYPO3-team-extrev TYPO3 extension review team
TYPO3-team-hci TYPO3 human computer interaction team
TYPO3-team-semantic TYPO3 Semantic Team
TYPO3-team-t3skin TYPO3 t3skin development team
TYPO3-team-templavoila Templavoila Development Team
TYPO3-team-ter TYPO3 TER Team
TYPO3-team-typo3org team
TYPO3-team-workspace TYPO3 Workspace enhancements team
TYPO3-test TYPO3 Test list
TYPO3-translation-french TYPO3 French translation team
TYPO3-translation-german TYPO3 German translation team
TYPO3-translators TYPO3 translation team
TYPO3-UG-Australia TYPO3 Usergroup Australia
TYPO3-UG-Bodensee TYPO3 Usergroup Bodensee
TYPO3-UG-Bremen TYPO3 Usergroup Bremen
TYPO3-UG-Cambodia TYPO3 Usergroup Cambodia
TYPO3-UG-Clausthal TYPO3 Usergroup Clausthal
TYPO3-UG-CZ [no description available]
TYPO3-UG-Darmstadt TYPO3 Usergroup Darmstadt
TYPO3-UG-Denmark TYPO3 Usergroup Denmark
TYPO3-UG-Dresden TYPO3 Usergroup Dresden
TYPO3-UG-Dutch TYPO3 Usergroup Dutch
TYPO3-UG-Freiburg TYPO3 Usergroup Freiburg
TYPO3-UG-Hungary TYPO3 Usergroup Hungary
TYPO3-UG-India TYPO3 Usergroup India
TYPO3-UG-Italy TYPO3 Usergroup Italy
TYPO3-UG-Japan [no description available]
TYPO3-UG-Karlsruhe [no description available]
TYPO3-UG-Kassel TYPO3 Usergroup Kassel
TYPO3-UG-Koeln TYPO3 Usergroup Koeln
TYPO3-UG-Muenster TYPO3-UG-Muenster
TYPO3-UG-Niederrhein TYPO3 Usergroup Niederrhein
TYPO3-UG-Norway TYPO3 Usergroup Norway
TYPO3-UG-Nuernberg TYPO3 Usergroup Nuernberg
TYPO3-UG-Osnabrueck TYPO3 Usergroup Osnabrueck
TYPO3-UG-Portugal TYPO3 Usergroup Portugal
TYPO3-UG-Quebec TYPO3 Usergroup Quebec
TYPO3-UG-Rhein-Neckar TYPO3 Usergroup Rhein-Neckar
TYPO3-UG-Romania TYPO3 Usergroup Romania
TYPO3-UG-Schleswig-Holstein TYPO3 Usergroup Schleswig-Holstein
TYPO3-UG-SK [no description available]
TYPO3-UG-Slovenia TYPO3 UG Slovenia
TYPO3-UG-Spain TYPO3 Usergroup Spain
TYPO3-UG-Thailand TYPO3 Usergroup Thailand
TYPO3-UG-Tunisia TYPO3 Usergroup Tunisia
TYPO3-UG-Turkey TYPO3 Usergroup Turkey
TYPO3-UG-Universities-DE TYPO3 Usergroup German Universities
TYPO3-UG-US TYPO3 Usergroup America
TYPO3-uk TYPO3 Usergroup UK
TYPO3-windows TYPO3 Installation on Windows

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