[Typo3-UG Stuttgart] Problem in Getting the Right Template(Creating Template Selector)

KajaBalini Arulanandam reachmalini at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 4 10:24:15 CET 2005

Dear Typo3 users
   I'm a beginner in Typo3 and started working for the last 1 month and 
currently working under   part 2, which is Modern Template building. And I 
couldn't get the final stage result. It works until before the last page 
(changing to Uppercase).

   Under the section " Creating a Template Selector “, first I created an 
extension on my own and then modified the item arrays for Backend.

   I just followed the steps given in the documentation and for the first 
time I got the result, where it lists all the template names, icons. After 
this I make the necessary changes in the SQL files and update them.

   But I got the problem in the Front-end, I mean reading the selected 
template from the list of templates. The get the right template, the manual 
shows to change a PHP class file under pi1 directory 

   On other hand, I get the proper Object browser structure as we should 
get.... Only the Front-end doesn't show me the right template....

Please help me out with your valuable suggestions and I thank you for your 
answers in advance.


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