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Albrecht Haug adtjd_remove_from_underline at
Wed Apr 9 15:11:47 CEST 2003

Das ist unter
im Feld
der Datei "tbl_cms.php" zu finden.
In "Inside Typo3" steht hierzu einiges, s.u.
Gruß, Albrecht

"types" => Array ( // First type is mandatory. From 0 and forth! Default is
"1" => Array(
"showitem" => "R: Configuration of the displayed order of fields in TBE. 1)
Separate field-configurations with
','. 2) Every field-configuration is divided with ';'. The exploded parts
represents a)
(R) fieldname , b) (O) alternative fieldlabel, c) (O) palette-number, d)
configuration (separated by :), eg. 'nowrap' and 'richtext[(list of keys or
*), see
admin guide, RTEkeyList for options]', e) a code for form-style, see below.
A special
fieldname, '--div--', can be used to insert a divider line in the forms
(only Classic
Backend, Doc-module). Another special fieldname, '--palette--', will insert
a link to a
palette (of course you need to specify a palette and title then...)",

"Tanja Bantle" <T.Bantle at> wrote in message
news:mailman.1049882342.18431.typo3-stuttgart at

funktioniert auch soweit, aber neu angelegte eingabe felder
tauchen im BE nicht in den benutzerdetail auf. muss ich dazu
noch was extra einstellen?


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