[TYPO3-seminars] Seminars register

typo3 at clicksite.de typo3 at clicksite.de
Thu Dec 8 20:26:37 CET 2016

Hi, I have one question:

I would like to register several people for a seminar.

On the registration page is a selection field to choose the number of 
people. If I choose e.g. "2" the number of input fields for the people 
does not change to two (I have an old installation (v 0.9.3), too. There 
is it ok).

And there is a Configuration check warning on this page:
The TS setup variable 
plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.eventFieldsOnRegistrationPage contains the value 
accreditation_number, but only the following values are allowed:
(uid, title, price_regular, price_special, vacancies)
This value specifies which data fields of the selected event will be 
displayed on the registration page. Incorrect values will cause those 
fields to not get displayed. Please correct the TS setup variable 
plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.eventFieldsOnRegistrationPage in your TS template 
setup or via FlexForms.
When that is done, please empty the FE cache and reload this page.
The configuration check for this extension can be disabled in the 
extension manager.

But this is in my Setup:

Is there somebody with a good tip for me?

Thank you


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