[TYPO3-seminars] Seminars 0.10.x on Typo3 4.5.x?

rsbrux rsbrux at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 22 16:43:27 CEST 2015

In "Upgrading from a 0.9.x release to 0.10.x" (https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/extensions/seminars/EN/Installation/UpgradingFromA09xReleaseTo010x/Index.html#upgrading-from-a-0-9-x-release-to-0-10-x) I read:
"2. Make sure you are using TYPO3 4.5.0 or greater."
"3. Update to the latest version of oelib and static_info_tables."
However, according to TER, the latest version of static_info_tables (6.2.1) and, in fact, all versions of static_info_tables since 6.0.0 require at least Typo3 6.0.6.  We have static_info_tables 2.3.2 installed, which appears to be the last version compatible with Typo3 4.5.x.  Is this adequate for seminars 0.10.x?  If not, how can we get seminars updated on Typo3 4.5.x?  
We currently have seminars 0.9.6, but have several issues with it.
Typo3 4.5.41
PHP 5.3
mySQL 5.4.39
Windows 8 x64

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