[TYPO3-seminars] Using Markers in _LOCAL_LANG

Markus Maier markus.maier+news at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 18:22:15 CEST 2012


I'm quite glad with all the options the seminars extension offers, but
there's one issue I am struggling with :-(

Typo3: 4.5.19 (most recent LTS)
seminars: 0.9.5

I'd like to use the marker in a customized language variable. Here's the
code (German translation translated back into English ;-)):

	message_seminarRegistrationIsClosed = Online registration curently not
available. Please, send an e-Mail to ###ORGANIZERS###.
	# ...

The complete message is being displayed, including "###ORGANIZERS###" :-(
The same marker is used on two more places in the template file and works
fine there (marker used directly in the .tmpl file). So, is this a general
Typo3-Issue, somehow related to the seminars extension...? Any hint, how
this problem might be solved? I tried to figure out, how the "%s" for the
user name is being created, but I failed. I did find(?) the function in
file class.tx_seminars_BackEnd_EventMailForm.php, lines 508 ff, but i have
no clue how to adopt this.

So, maybe one of the contributors here already solved the problem?

Best regards from Leipzig/Germany!


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