[TYPO3-seminars] unlinking categories

Cathy Stephens cathys8780 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 06:22:34 CEST 2010

I would like to customize the way the categories show on the list
page.  I think maybe it is not possible but thought I would ask to see
if anyone has ideas.

I would like the category icon to show but without the text.  So image
alone. And would prefer it it was not linked to a category list.

I tried hiding the text with css but the text and image are linked all
together.  If I had a span tag on the text alone I could do it.  I
have the text set to 1px and white color but since it is a link it
still shows. I would like to remove it altogether.  This is how it is

<a href="community-service/view-all-projects/?tx_seminars_pi1%5Bcategory%5D=21"
><img class="category_image" src="uploads/tx_seminars/donations.png"
width="25" height="25" border="0" alt="" title="Donations"

Anyway to add a tag to just the text and not the image?

Anyway to unlink the category?

Cathy Stephens

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