[TYPO3-seminars] Unable to autoload class "pear"

Oliver Klee typo3-german-02 at oliverklee.de
Mon Jun 7 20:41:24 CEST 2010


Am 02.06.2010 21:06, schrieb Daniel Doesburg | Doesburg.biz:
> My ISP says PEAR is installed.
> After one message (in the logfile):
> 02-06-2010 8:27 pm - Core: Unable to autoload class "PEAR_Error"
> I get hundreds (almost 700) of the same message:
> 02-06-2010 8:27 pm - Core: Unable to autoload class "pear"
> at the moment I try to ask the page with frontend editing.

Could you please enter a bug report for this, including a detailed list
of all steps necessary to reliably reproduce the problem?
<https://bugs.oliverklee.com/> Thanks!

> An other message is, after flushing of the cache and calling fe-editing:
> In the table fe_groups, the column tx_seminars_reviewer does not have a
> TCA entry.

This already has been reported:

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