[TYPO3-seminars] specifying storage folder for seminar records

Cathy Stephens cathys8780 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 01:41:21 CEST 2010

I am using seminars 0.9.2 and typo3 4.3.3.   I have two domains using the
same typo3 install.  Both use seminars.  I  would like to restrict the
seminar records that the backend users see (i.e.  categories, speakers,
organizers, topics).  Both domains each have their own system folders for

I have set the flag for General Record Storage Page in Seminars.  "Use the
page browser for selecting..." and "Select topic records from all pages"
are both unchecked.

I have tried various ways to set the General Record Storage Page (GRSP) with
variable results.

First Try:
Using system folder setup as shown in the documentation...I set Events
folder's GRSP to the Topics folder.  This allows me to find the Topic
records when creating a date record in the Event Dates folder but it does
not show the other records in the Data Pool folder (such as categories,
organizers, speakers).

Second Try:
Moved the individual Topic records out of the Topics folder and into the
Data Pool Folder.  Set the Event Data (top level seminar system
folder) folder's GRSP to the Data Pool Folder.  This allows me to see topics
and Data Pool records when creating a date record.  Which is good as far as
creating events.  BUT when I drop an event list plugin into a page, select
the Event Folder (and infinite) as starting point, I do not see any choices
for categories, places, and so on under the List Vew tab.  I would like to
use the option of displaying by category.

If I remove the GRSP flag, all this works fine except I see both domain's
seminar records in the backend which is very confusing for the user.

What am I missing?  How do I set things up to keep these records separate?
And be able to use the List View Tab options in the Plugin.

Cathy Stephens

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