[TYPO3-seminars] Losing organizer-settings in seminar-data sets after update to 0.9.2

Niels Pardon typo3_lists at niels-pardon.de
Thu Jun 3 14:31:15 CEST 2010

Hi Tobias!

Am 03.06.2010 12:27, schrieb Tobias Schaefer:
> I've just updated seminars from 0.7.3 to 0.9.2 with the intermediate
> step of 0.8.64 (SVN) on our production-server.
> I tested the update on our test-server before and it worked fine.
> Before the update I updated oelib to 0.7.2 and ameos_formidable to 1.1.2.
> After updating seminars from 0.7.3 to 0.8.64 I used the "UPDATE"-option
> in EM and several data sets were updated.
> While updating from 0.8.64 to 0.9.2 the extension "partner" was marked
> as required. This wasn't the case on my test-server, so I ignored it.
> After updating seminars from 0.8.64 to 0.9.2 the "UPDATE"-option wasn't
> shown in EM.
> But at all the seminar-data sets the organizer-setting was missing. The
> entries in the organizer-list were still present, but no entry was
> selected.
> So I installed the partner extension which changed nothing concerning
> the organizer-settings.
> I had to set the organizers manually.
> Does anybody know the reason for the loss of the organizer-settings?

The organizer relation has changed. It has been a comma-separated UID
list in a field of the event table in former versions of seminars and
now is a full M:N relation using an intermediate table. The UPDATE
script in the EM of the 0.8.x version should have done the conversion
from the former to the latter. Don't know why this didn't work out in
your case.



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