[TYPO3-seminars] Topic_list shows Details on Details page

Sascha Göbl sascha.goebl at gmx.ch
Thu Dec 30 20:23:29 CET 2010

Hello all,
I have a bit an unusual problem. I¹m creating a new site running Typo3 4.4.5
with all the latest extensions including seminars.
One of the permanent things shown (via a marker) is the topic. list from the
seminars extension.
It works fine on all other pages except for the Details view. Exactly on
this view it shows the details in there as well which then messes up the
whole site. :(
I tried to find the parts of the template to create a new file and include
only this so it rather shows nothing then the whole details list in a small
If anybody has a solution for this it would be much appreciated since I¹m
planning to go live over the weekend and this is really a show stopper.

Many thanks in advance and a Happy New Year to everybody!


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