[TYPO3-seminars] FW: seminars redirect with sr_feuser_register

Sascha Göbl sascha.goebl at gmx.ch
Sun Dec 26 19:16:15 CET 2010

Hi all,

I tried to find something in the list or in any other forum but
unfortunately without success.
I user the latest version of seminars, sr_feuser_register, felogin with
Typo4.4 and realurl. I¹m installing this from scratch and was hoping that
the redirect functionality will work now but unfortunately I stil don¹t
manage to get it working.
When I click on the ŒRegister¹ link on the seminars list it brings me to the
ŒLogin¹ page and looks like that:

After the login the I get redirected to the ŒHome¹ page and the link looks
like this:

When I¹m logged in and go to the ŒRegister¹ page the link for the
registration is like:

That works fine then and I can register for the event.

I¹m also not sure what to enter as redirect option on the felogin plugin?
I¹ve set no redirect option on any other extension as far as I know.

If someone has an idea what I might have missed, I¹d appreciate if you could
let me know please.

Many thanks and best regards,

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