[TYPO3-seminars] Getting data from events

Manuel Bertrams manuel.bertrams at gfiu.de
Wed Dec 8 18:49:47 CET 2010

I'm new to this extension, but like it really much!
But there are two questions on it:
1. For my newest project I use it to list some events. When clicking on 
one item in the list, the user will get to a part of a small tree 
structure (like agenda, terms, approach, informations and so on). Those 
pages are generated manually, but i'd like to know how it could be 
possible to get some parts of the event information out of the seminar 
manager. My first intention was to build different templates for the 
different info-pages, but that seems not so a good idea. in fact i'd 
like to use fces to add content from seminar data automaticly and add 
some more info manually...
2. We want to show more information about lunch, hotels and so on, but 
there is only the possibility to enter a hotels name. did i miss something?

Thx for reading & your help is really appreciated!

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