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Oxana Camerzan o.camerzan at hillertundco.de
Mon Apr 26 12:47:03 CEST 2010

Hi Oliver, 
thanks a lot,
I hided the price on registration page :)

Only one stuff left, I would like that all emails have the same Sender TEST COMPANY <info at company.com> (like web admin)
and one notification go to this email, second to the organizer, 
on details view page will be displayed only organizers. (each event has another organizer)

The Attendee will become a Confirmation mail also with Sender TEST COMPANY <info at company.com>.

Best regards

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Hi Oxana,

in the future, could you please post separate messages with meaningful
subject for each question? This will make searching for these topics in
the archives a lot easier. Thanks! :-)

Oxana Camerzan schrieb:
> I have some question, I use seminars extensions with onetime account, 
> can I have the registration form on the same page as detail view?


> And after to be subscribed to an event without registration page? 


> Or could I have price as the events are free of charge.

I'm not quite sure whether I correctly understand your question.
However, you can leave the "standard price" field empty. This will mark
an event as free of charge.

> And It´s possible to have different different partners, organizers but to set one sender E-Mail,
> And Notification to this E-Mail and partner or organizer?

I'm not sure I get what you are asking. Could you please reword these
questions a bit?


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