[TYPO3-seminars] Edit and delete registrations - access-problems for backend-Usergroup

Kerstin Finke kerstinfinke at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 21 13:44:57 CEST 2010


with admin-rights I can edit and delete a registration in the 
registration view, but the users of my user-group for the 
seminar-manager cannot. They see the list of registrations, but there 
are no icons to edit or delete.
There is no button to get an "extended view".

Here are the rights of the group:
In "Access" the backend-group has all rights for the sysfolder with the 
event data.
In the "Access-Lists" I gave listing- and modify-rights for all tables 
concerning seminars.
In allowed exclude-fields I allow any options beginning with "Seminar".

One thing I found in the options of the group for the seminar manager:
SysOrdner für neue Veranstaltungen
SysOrdner für neue Anmeldungen
SysOrdner für neue Hilfsdatensätze
Since I have only one sysfolder for the seminar manager I selected this 
for the 3 options.

Is there anything else to do?
Who can help?


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