[TYPO3-project-seminars] setRegistrationData & Problem with Data handling in sr_feuser_register

Omar De-Giuli | Data Quest AG Dietikon odegiuli at dataquest.ch
Wed Sep 16 11:49:41 CEST 2009

1. thing

i use "sr_feuser_register" as my main registry tool. users can order  
newsletters with this account and book seminars too. the problem is,  
that if a user just ordered our newsletter he only has to put his name  
and emailadress. if the same user likes to book a seminar and he logs  
in with his personal account, the seminars extension dont checks if in  
the sr_feuser_register table a adress has been set. but we need a  
complete adress to handle the seminarattendees, cause we send a  
invoice by postmail.

is there any plan to insert this functionality to check this during  
the booking process on seminars?

2. thing

By the booking process of a seminar with only one defined payment  
method, this will not be set automatically although i found in the  
file "class.tx_seminars_registration.php" a function called  
"setRegistrationData" that handles this case, but it has no impact at  

any idea to fix this

thanks for feedback


ps. please apologize my wrong posting this morning

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