[TYPO3-project-seminars] Can´t update needed extension

Lutz Rothe lutz at rothe.it
Fri Sep 4 16:49:14 CEST 2009

Oliver Klee schrieb:
> Hi Lutz,
> Lutz Rothe schrieb:
>> after nearly 2 year of working with seminar 0.62 (typo3 4.21) I tried to
>> update to the newest version. It doesn´t work because of problems with
>> other needed extensions (i can´t update to a newer version of
>> sr_feuserregistration, sql-errors).
>> The idea now is to install a complete new typo3 installation with all
>> the newest extension and import the MySQL-dump.
>> The question is what happens with all the id-numbers of seminar and feuser?
>> I do some sql-imports directly over mysql-connector into my database
>> (Filemaker).
>> Is this the right way to do the update?
> Basically, yes. If the IDs stay the same (which is the case if you do an
> SQL export and import), there should be no problems.
> However, it is recommend to update to 0.7.x first because the seminar's
> update functions (EM > seminars > UPDATE! (the drop-down, not the
> button)) always is only for one major version step.
> This is how your upgrade/reinstall should look like:
> 1. seminars 0.7.4, oelib 0.5.2
> 2. seminars 0.8.1, oelib 0.6.2
> Oliver
Thanks Oliver,

so it means I have to update to Typo3 4.28
then update to the newest sr_feuserregistration
and then seminars 0.7.4, oelib 0.5.2
and last to seminars 0.8.1, oelib 0.6.2

Is this the way to work with my installation of Typo3 4.21 without 
installing everything new?

LG Lutz

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