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Sun May 17 00:05:05 CEST 2009

- [#2923] Feature: In the list view, show registration begin date for
events with registration_begin_date in future
- [#2922] Feature: Hide the registration link in the list view when
registration_begin_date is in future
- [#2925] Feature: Show the organizers description in the single view,
if not empty
- [#2936] Feature: Add a flexform configuration for the Search Widget in
the list view
- [#2924] Feature: Add an RTE-field description to the seminar organizers
- [#2928] Feature: Add a getter for begin_date_registration in the new
and old model class.
- [#2921] Feature: Add the field registration_begin_date to the FE-Editor
- [#2920] Feature: Add a field registration_begin_date to the seminars
table and the BE
- [#2796] Feature: Add event model and mapper
- [#2812] Feature: Add a CSS class for vancancies on registration queue
- [#2800] Feature: Add time-slot model and mapper
- [#2753] Feature: Add speaker model and mapper
- [#2805] Feature: For events with an unlimited number of seats, show an
empty string in the vacancies column
- [#2804] Feature: Use a different link text for the registration link
if the event has no date
- [#2698] Feature: Re-add the checkbox "needs registration"
- [#1571] Feature: Add a description to the content wizard
- [#2782] Feature: Add lodging model and mapper
- [#2781] Feature: Add food model and mapper
- [#2779] Feature: Add checkbox model and mapper
- [#2778] Feature: Add payment method model and mapper
- [#2777] Feature: Add target group model and mapper
- [#2776] Feature: Add event type model and mapper
- [#2759] Feature: Add place model and mapper
- [#2757] Feature: Add organizer model and mapper
- [#2758] Feature: Add category model and mapper
- [#2752] Feature: Add skill model and mapper
- [#2726] Feature: Use texts from locallang in the CLI user's language
for the CLI-sent e-mail
- [#2736] Feature: Add a hook for items in the list view, patch by Andre
- [#2595] Feature: Add some (very basic) CSS for the e-mails to the
- [#2528] Feature: Use separate e-mail bodies in the thank-you e-mail
depending on whether an event is confirmed
- [#2607] Feature: Attach the CSV file to the CLI-triggered e-mails to
the organizers
- [#2708] Feature: Add a FrontEndLoginManager
- [#2603] Feature: In the CLI module, check whether there are any events
that are in the "planned" state
- [#2601] Feature: Add a CLI command line parameter for selecting the
page that contains the TS setup that will be used by the CLI module
- [#2598, #2599] Feature: After confirming/canceling an event, send the
e-mail, mark the event as confirmed/canceled and redirect back into the
list view
- [#2594] Feature: Use HTML for the thank-you and unregistration e-mails
to the attendees
- [#2600] Feature: Add a CLI module
- [#2627] Feature: Add a parameter $recordData to createAndLoginFrontEndUser
- [#2597] Feature: Add form for canceling an event to the BE module
- [#2533] Feature: Add form for confirming an event to the BE module
- [#2592] Feature: Show the license expiry in the date single view
- [#2503] Feature: Add DB result and DB query exceptions and wrappers
for executing queries
- [#2534] Feature: Add a button for canceling an event to the BE events list
- [#2593] Feature: Show the license expiry in the "my events" list
- [#2532] Feature: Add a button for confirming an event to the BE events
- [#2590] Feature: Add a getter for the license expiry
- [#2589] Feature: Add a field "license expiry" to date records
- [#2529] Feature: Add column "status" to the BE events list
- [#2526] Feature: Add a function for getting the earliest deadline for
all speakers for an event
- [#2525] Feature: Add a field "cancelation period (in days)" to the
- [#2527] Feature: Add checkboxes "organizers has been notified
concerning the (cancelation period|event confirmation)"
- [#2524] Feature: Add a checkbox "confirmed" to single events and dates
- [#2538] Feature: Add an organizer bag builder

- [#2234] Change: Use $GLOBALS['SIM_ACCESS_TIME'] instead of time() in
- [#3128] Change: Remove the referrer field from the registrations
- [#557] Change: Use Tabs for the BE edit form of registration records
- [#1967] Change: In the registration TCEforms, put the billing address
data in a tab "billing address"
- [#3080] Change: Use the object factory
- [#3050] Change: In the flexforms tab "list view", use the GRSP
settings when selecting records
- [#2610] Change: Polish the BE events list
- [#2965] Change: Hide the partner integration and the new prices in the
0.8.x branch before the beta
- [#2954] Change: Move locallang_csh_seminars.xml to
- [#961] Change: Require TYPO3 4.2
- [#2952] Change: Move tca.php to Configuration/TCA/tca.php
- [#1142] Change: Require PHP 5.2
- [#2900] Change: Change the event-payment method relations to real m:n
- [#2947] Change: Move the HTML for the payment method list from the
event model to the template
- [#2929] Change: Move notifyAttendee() and notifyOrganizers() to the
- [#2946] Change: Replace
tx_seminars_seminar::getAdditionalInformationRaw() with
- [#2760] Change: Replace tx_seminars_seminar::getDescription() with
- [#2873] Change: Refactor the registration functions in seminar and
registrationManager classes
- [#2910] Change: Move the flexforms XML file to Configuration/FlexForms
- [#2908] Change: Move the TypoScript configuration from static to
- [#2872] Change: In the notification mails for the organizers set
unlimited string for vacancies if event has unlimited vacancies
- [#2037] Change: Drop the additional_times_places field
- [#2865] Change: Add the JavaScript file via TypoScript
- [#840] Change: Rename and move the flexforms file
- [#2864] Change: Use the field names as TypoScript array keys for the
Formidable configuration
- [#2697] Change: Make the waiting list a checkbox and provide an update
function from the old values
- [#2789] Change: Move the formidable configuration from XML to
TypoScript setup
- [#2493] Change: Rename mod2 to BackEnd
- [#2803] Change: Hide registration-related fields in the BE seminar
editor if the seminar does not need registration
- [#2799] Change: Don't display the red/yellow/green square for events
that have started or lie in the past
- [#2813] Change: <label for=""> does not use the values of the id
- [#2474] Change: Use function FrontEndUser::hasGroupMembership
- [#2787] Change: Registration heading should have two markers for title
and date
- [#2696] Change: Added a test for ensuring that no mails are sent when
attendancesMin is 0
- [#2734] Change: Move methods from tx_seminars_speakerchild to
- [#2720] Change: Improve the buttons for the confirm/cancel form
- [#2722] Change: Make confirmation_information_sent and
cancellation_information_sent readonly when editing seminars in the BE
- [#2706] Change: Make the FE editor testable
- [#2695] Change: Use the new mail class in
- [#2496] Change: Add a function for sending an e-mail to an FE user and
use it from registration::notifyAttendee
- [#2495] Change: Add a function for sending an e-mail to an organizer
and use it from registration::notifyOrganizers
- [#2657] Change: testingFramework::cleanUp should clean up the mapper
registry and everything
- [#2602] Add a TS setup configuration for whether the registration CSV
for an event should be attached to e-mails to the organizers
- [#2629] Cleanup: Remove XCLASS stuff from all classes in tests/ and
- [#2582] Change: Load the seminar object (and its data) lazily in the
registration class
- [#2591] Change: Change
seminarbagbuilder::limitToTopicsWithoutRegistrationByUser to take the
expiry date into account
- [#1611] Change: Add guard clauses to objectfromdb::createMmRecords
- [#1597] Change: Use the oelib mailer class for sending e-mails
- [#2552] Change: Modify cancelled field
- [#2494] Change: The autoloader should include the constants

Bug fixes:
- [#2773] Fix: 3 registration records created when registering with IE 6
- [#3146] Fix: $uid is not initialized in registration::setRegistrationData
- [#3151] Fix: SQL error on the registration page with latest
- [#3142] Fix: Test failures with base64 encoding
- [#3000] Fix: Intval showUid
- [#3007] Fix: Add attached_files to hideFields
- [#2701] Fix: Image of a seminar was not displayed in single view
- [#2994] Fix: Check if the data for the seminars is loaded from general
storage PID
- [#2953] Fix: Use TYPO3's wrapper for the multibyte string functions
- [#2971] Fix: Crash/SQL error in the list view if the static template
is not included
- [#2956] Fix: Two tests failures in seminars_pi1 testcase
- [#2963] Fix: Registration crashes with fatal error
- [#2961] Fix: Remove the patch already checked in Bug 2936 from branch.
- [#2488] Fix: Test failure testTypoScriptConfigurationIsLoaded
- [#2711] Fix: $BE_USER needs to be marked as global in
- [#1740] Fix: Delete the editorcfg entry from ext_localconf.php plus
the related files
- [#2930] Fix: Remove all trigger_error() calls from
- [#2901] Fix: warning 102 when saving seminar-record of type 'date'
- [#2774] Fix: Cannot cancel an unregistration
- [#2622] Fix: Error when trying to create price with access using IRRE
- [#2833] Fix: Write tests for events with unlimitedVacancies
- [#2870] Fix: In registration column in list view the text "fully
booked" is falsely displayed
- [#2846] Fix: All tests in the testsuites,
tx_seminars_pi1_eventEditor_testcase and
tx_seminars_pi1_registrationEditor_testcase fail
- [#2828] Fix: No registration created for event with unlimited number
of seats
- [#2827] Fix: mod2: Remove $this->doc->form = '<form action=""
- [#2820] Fix: Events with unlimited Vacancies have red square
- [#2819] Fix: Events with no Date get red square
- [#2822] Fix: Uninitialized variable reads in some pi1 tests
- [#2817] Fix: Unit test failures in tx_seminars_seminarchild_testcase
- [#2815] Fix: Registration Link is hidden and fully booked string is
shown when an event has unlimited vacancies
- [#2786] Fix: Subpart REGISTRATION_BOTTOM is not rendered if there's
only an error message
- [#2686] Fix: Rename and clean up the e-mail template
- [#2755] Fix: CLI user needs the uppercased prefix _CLI_
- [#2735] Fix: EventMailForm::sendEmailToAttendees sends duplicate e-mails
- [#2724] Fix: Country list is not localized
- [#2731] Fix: plugin.tx_seminars.allowRegistrationForEventsWithoutDate
is called like a switch available in flexforms but it is not in flexforms
- [#2729] Fix: lowercase the CLI user defined in localconf
- [#2723] Fix: Registration crashes with fatal error if no foods are
selected in the registration form
- [#2714] Fix: Undefined variable in return value of
- [#737] Fix: When FE-editing an existing event, don't change the crdate
- [#2705] Fix: Crash when saving an event in the FE
- [#2583] Fix: seminar::createImageForSingleView needs to initialize
$imageFile before use
- [#2667] Fix: Test testRenderThrowsExceptionForInvalidEventUid fails
- [#2624] Fix: Crash in the EM
- [#2637] Fix: Tables rows in FE registration list not are on the same line
- [#2620] Fix: seminar::getOrganizers destructs the organizers at the
wrong place
- [#2154] Fix: Step counter shows "step 3 of 2" after failed submit
attempt on page 2
- [#788] Fix: Use t3lib_div::trimExplode instead of explode
- [#1716] Fix: Make the CSV export work with multiline cells in Excel
- [#2579] Fix: The user fields for export should be chosen from fe_user
not tx_seminars_attendances
- [#2596] Fix: Use mb_strlen instead of strlen
- [#2617] Fix: Some headings in the "my events" list are moved up
- [#2616] Fix: Invalid HTML in the list view
- [#2548] Fix: The owner image on the single view page should use the
path that is configured in the sr_feuser_register EM settings
- [#2458] Fix: Expect false for a failed $dbResult, not null
- [#2581] Fix: Fixed localization in the eventslist testcase
- [#2563] Fix: Deal with deleted FE users and seminars gracefully
- [#2541] Fix: Save memory by destructing the bags after usage in the
tests and the production code
- [#2576] Fix: Function limitToSeatsEqualOrLessThanVacancies() is
missing in registrationBagBuilder
- [#1965] Fix: No gender in the CSV export of registrations
- [#2500] Fix: The class pi1_frontEndRequirementsList does not load
detailPID from flexforms
- [#2550] Fix: Extension menu crashes

The new version can be downloaded from the TER.

If you find any bugs, please report them at <>.

Have fun,

Oliver Klee

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