[TYPO3-project-seminars] notifications don't work

Ulrich Mertens um at logistic-office.de
Tue May 19 12:46:05 CEST 2009



i have a problem with the seminar extension. Notification Mails are not
automatically sent to organizers or participants. But mail sending still
works with all the other extensions of my typo3-system.


What's wrong with this extension?


That's my typoscript code for the extension (IDs are masked):


plugin.tx_seminars.attendancesPID = xx

plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.registerPID = xx

plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.thankYouAfterRegistrationPID = xx

plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.pageToShowAfterUnregistrationPID = xx

plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.listPID = xx

plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.detailPID = xx

plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.loginPID = xx

plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.myEventsPID = xx

plugin.tx_seminars.enableRegistration = 1

plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.enableRegistration = 1

plugin.tx_seminars.sendNotification = 1

plugin.tx_seminars.sendAdditionalNotificationEmails = 1


Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong? I have been searching on
google for days but didn't found anything yet.


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