[TYPO3-project-seminars] multiple five minute seminar times best options

Wes Currier typo3 at wesfx.com
Fri May 1 02:06:43 CEST 2009

Here are the steps I used. There is probably an easier way but, this
worked for me.

I created a single record the way I wanted it and copied it about 5 times.

I made changes to those records to alter the times.

I exported that table from phpMyAdmin so I would have the structure (and
a fallback to look at.)

I exported an SQL file.

I imported the "data portion" into excel and selected the fields and
dragged down to the number of places I needed. (335 in all.) This
automatically altered the times stamps in five minute increments.

I then exported to a text editor to add single quotes around the fields
that needed them.

I then imported 10 data records back into the SQL portion of the file.
Saved. Imported. Verified.

Dumped the table. Added all the records.

Verified it worked.

Thats it,

p.s. Oliver Klee did have to help me get the setup done correctly
because I screwed some things up. Thanks Oliver!

Niels Pardon wrote:
> Hi Wes!
> Thanks for sharing your results. I could not have thought of an easy way
> to do what you described. So this seems to be the best solution for you.
> Greets,
> Niels
> Wes Currier schrieb:
>> Hello list,
>> I have a seminar on three consecutive days.
>> I need the participant to sign up at five minute intervals.
>> What is the best way to do this?
>> Do I set up an event type such as Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then
>> enter event date records?
>> Will this allow the participant to sign up for a specific 5 minute block
>> individually, or will it sign them up for the complete day of the topic?
>> Or do I create specific event records for each individual time slot?
>> This I know works but, I have a lot of records to enter.
>> Thanks for the help?
>> Wes Currier

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