[TYPO3-project-seminars] Enumeration in Registration-List Fields

Antoine v. Graffenried avongraf at gmx.net
Wed Jan 28 14:05:27 CET 2009

>Hi Seminar-Users
>On the page which shows the registrated Atendees for a Seminar,
>I would like to show the title, name und the city.
>In V 0.6.2 it worked fine. But with v0.7.1 i can't get it right.
>See attached description.
>Is there any difference between configuration this feature in
>the mentioned versions?
>And, is there also a way to choose the order of these fields?
>Thanks, Antoine

The thing with the additional fields is now clear.
But how can I get back the enumeration?

1. Mr. Smith
2. Mrs. Doubt

Further, all atendees are still listed in ar row:
Mr. Smith Mrs. Doubt

Where can I change that?

Greets, Antoine

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