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Wed Nov 26 10:22:41 CET 2008

an event type
- [#2019] Change: Change the labels "Multiple event topic|date" in
- [#2350] Change: Move the "create new" button from the top to the
bottom of the timeslots IRRE field
- [#2499] Fix: Lone ":" in title for events without event type on the
single view and registration page
- [#1653] Change: Add a "save + new" button for target groups in the BE
- [#2502] Change: Update copyrights to 2009
- [#2215] Fix: Problems with Page Browser
- [#2479] Fix: $this->internal['orderByList'] is set but never read in
- [#2095] Fix: Unused variable $seats in
- [#2428] Fix: Added tests for the canRegisterIfLoggedIn function
- [#2378] Change: Add a conflict with date2cal
- [#2327] Fix: FE Editor will not allow me to edit oder enter events
- [#1724] Fix: Entry date for time slots displays a date
- [#2354] Fix: getVacanciesOnRegistrationQueue returns wrong value for
registrationQueue greater than zero
- [#2319] Fix: Update the seminar's speaker and place fields less brutally
- [#2333] Change: add unit tests for getVacanciesString
- [#2330] Change: Make the begin date in time slots required
- [#2261] Change: add unit tests for isOwnerFeUser
- [#2318] Change: Make some fields in the time slots excludefields
- [#1897] Fix: Double assignment in a code line
- [#1901] Feature: Use more SQL indices
- [#2204] Fix: tx_seminars_bag::getObjectCountWithLimit() returns null
- [#1916, #2093] Change: Use the createFakeFrontEnd function from the
testing framework in the Seminar Manager
- [#1137] Change: Change =& new to = new and remove the & from before
function names

The new version can be downloaded from the TER.

If you find any bugs, please report them at <>.

Have fun,

Oliver Klee

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