[TYPO3-project-seminars] How to enable to see the list of registrations (for attendees) before registration

Niels Pardon mail at niels-pardon.de
Sat Nov 29 17:45:40 CET 2008

Hi Jochen!

> Now the link to the list is shown all the time.
> Were do I start best to add a additional function to show the only if
> there are at least one registered user otherwise a message like "no
> registered users yet" or simply nothing ;-)

First of all you should add a feature request in our bugtracker:

Then you should check the code in pi1/class.tx_seminars_pi1.php for the
right place (I guess somewhere in the single view functions) and change
the code accordingly.

After changing the code you should provide a patch by uploading it to
the feature request in the bug tracker so the changes are in the future
releases of the extension.

Please check our manual for our development workflow and the manual of
the oelib extension for our coding guide lines.



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